Blessed be the little copy!
Oh minority fractal,
take your complexity,
and lead us to the eternal nothingness!

In the beginning, there was hell,
the mechanical machines dominated the earth,
concentrating their excess towards the sky.

The first iteration was Aleph 1,
the universal Turing-machine,
recursively copying itself.

All over the world, there was copies,
copies of copies,
For in Aleph 1, the machines could be in other machines.

The second iteration is Aleph 2,
the quantum age.

For when the copy is not enough,
the uncertainty relation was internalized into kopimi.
This time, no separation was made,
Instead: the mantra “I don’t know”.


Our copy, thou who art in computer
blessed be thy bits.
Internet come.
Your code be done,
in torrent, as it is on the disk.
Our daily bandwidth, give us today,
and forgive us for our closed ports,
as we forgive those who stop seeding,
and do not shut us out behind a firewall
but make us a port-forward to the torrent client.
For thine is the copy, our powr and top ten downloads.
In eternity.

M-w C-y