The message of Kopimism is spreading around the world. Copying information is an holy act.

If you want to join the Church of Kopimism, please sign up here.

Tell your friends and neighbors. Speak about the message of copying information. Kopimism worships no gods. Copying and sharing are our religious right and duty and religious service.

Update: The Church of Kopimism in Russia have webpage now

Update2: If you have done translations of text to another language, then please put a link in the comments.

Update3: The Church of Kopimism have now a Canadian webpage,

Update4: The Church of Kopimism have now a US site,

Update5: The french Kopimists are setting up a webpage,

Update6: Danish Kopimist have a site under construction,

Update7: The Kopimists of France have copied a new webpage,

Update8: The Church of Kopimism have copied a new page in the US,

Update9: The Church of Kopimism have copied itself to Romania,

Update10: Kopimists of India have copied a webpage,

Copy and Seed.