Copy and paste. Praised be those who download this post to their disks and brains.

It has reached my knowledge that a holy deed has been committed against the oppressive system of scientific journals. This deed was committed by no other than Greg Maxwell himself – according to the GPG-signature. He has uploaded 33 gigabytes of copies of the copyright protected journal Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society. Blessed be he always. I urge you all to download not only the journals but the text he has written of his actions to your minds, and upload it to everyone you can.

Let science flow, through fiber an’ through copper. Let knowledge fly through our satellites and back. Let understanding be copied to eachothers minds, through dialogue and reading. Let scientific data be mailed, downloaded and uploaded. Praised be Greg Maxwell for his deeds for information, science and life all over this world.

Now seed, fellow kopimists. Download and seed.

Copy and seed,