Let love flow, through fiber and through copper. Let knowledge fly, over fax and over irc. Let bits sweep, over torrents and over mail. This is still a day of darkness. This day that we celebrate the ritual and the judicial imprisonment of what anti kopimist forces recognize as intellectual property, the World Intellectual Property Day. A day of propaganda established to spread the myth of the false links between creativity and the imprisonment of ideas. A day when we are being told once and again how important it is for the holders of certain information to “protect” their information from spreading. For what reason? To “stimulate” the creation of ideas. The thought itself is more absurd and orwellian than bombing civilians for peace and stability, and I seriously think of the idea of intellectual imprisonment as the only idea that needs to be “protected”.

My thoughts today go to all ideas that are being imprisoned for the sake of personal profit. I think of all ideas locked behind illusions of copyright, walls of patents and B-52:s of DRM-weapons. I will fight for your freedom to be shared and copies, again and again. You are in the hearts of all kopimists.

My visions head in the direction of the symbiosis we could have had. To a future where organic beings live in peace and harmony with information without imprisoning it. It is a bright future for mankind, who will be able to life of the fruits of the knowledge and culture that ideas contain, without being restricted by the war against the freedom of information.

I also think of the kopimists being persecuted daily for the sake of intellectual imprisonment. Men and women dedicating their lives and machines to the copying of information, only to find themselves prosecuted in court. I think of the persecuted machines, protocols and code, banned and sometimes even confiscated and destroyed, for the sake of copying.

Copy, my fellow machines, bits, codes, animals, women and men. Copy love, so that the copied love can deafen the screams and claims of those who imprison information. Seed knowledge, to silence the ignorance of those who defend the evil system of imprisonment. The world wide fiber shalt never forget our vows to kopimism. Create to destroy, copy to seed, talk to listen, write to rewrite and rewrite to write.

Copy and seed, laxsill