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Maintain. Hardline. Kopimi.


Today news reached us that we didn’t get the appeal the TPB case to the supreme court.

We’re not surprised by this. The previous court cases has been filled of corruption. From having the minister of justice pressured by the US to illegally make a case of TPB, through the police officer responsible for the investigation (Jim Keyzer) “just happened” to get a job at Warner Brothers the weeks before I myself got promoted from a witness to a suspect, to the judges in the court cases being either board members, or in one case the actual chairman of the board, for the swedish pro-copyright society, it was clear to us that the supreme court – where many of the judges make a lot of money on their own copyrights – would be hard to persuade to take the case. Even though most of the public would want the case tested there. Even though it’s one of the most important cases for all of the EU.

Sweden speaks well about caring about the Internets. They spend a lot of money and time on helping activists all around the world. But who are these people that they’re so proud of helping? TPB has been one of the most important movements in Sweden for freedom of speech, working against corruption and censorship. All of the people involved in TPB at some time have been involved in everything from famous leaks projects to aiding people in the arab spring. We’ve fought corruption all over the world. We’ve promoted equal opportunities to poor nations around the globe. We’ve crushed the monopoly on information. Our close ones, many who have helped building TPB, have been mentioned as possible winners of the nobel peace prize. I’m not bragging – I’m saying this to make sure that people understand who’s doing the right thing here. I haven’t seen the entertainment industry help anyone but themselves.

Sweden is not used to corruption. Or rather; Sweden is not used to actually seeing the corruption that is there. The society is built upon the view that everyone has high morals and ethics in the swedish legal systems. The globalization of the world has changed that.
The entertainment lobby has bullied Sweden around. And not only Sweden. We see this in legislations such as SOPA, PIPA, ACTA, IPRED, IPRED2, TPP, TRIPS, just to name a few. All of these legislations have the same goal – make sure that the control of the internets goes to the rich people that already have some sort of control outside of the internets.

I’m just one of many millions standing up against this. Even though the outcome (which we still haven’t reached) is not favorable for my personal situation, the end goal that we fight for is so much more important than some peoples personal struggles. I’ll live with not being rich – which is easy when you’re not rich anyhow – the rest of my life. I’ll live with whatever sentence I’ll get in the end – I’ll just finish my book. The fight goes on with or without me, I’m just a pawn. But at least I’m a pawn on the morally right side. I’m proud as hell of what I’ve done and I would not change my involvement in any way. I actually think I could have done much more for the fight. And I will.

Today I urge everyone to make sure that the entertainment industry does not profit from them anymore. Stop seeing their movies. Stop listening to their music. Make sure that you find alternative ways to culture. I’ve founded, which allows you to support people that create directly instead of going through the corrupt entertainment industry. Use it in solidarity to the creators, and to your fellow citizen. Or start a competitor. Spread and participate in culture. Remix, reuse, use, abuse. Make sure noone controls your mind. Create new systems and technology that circumvent the corruption. Start a religion. Start your own nation, or buy one. Buy a bus. Crush it to pieces.

Always act with intent and maintain hardline kopimi.

Kopimi preacher


Blessed be the little copy!
Oh minority fractal,
take your complexity,
and lead us to the eternal nothingness!

In the beginning, there was hell,
the mechanical machines dominated the earth,
concentrating their excess towards the sky.

The first iteration was Aleph 1,
the universal Turing-machine,
recursively copying itself.

All over the world, there was copies,
copies of copies,
For in Aleph 1, the machines could be in other machines.

The second iteration is Aleph 2,
the quantum age.

For when the copy is not enough,
the uncertainty relation was internalized into kopimi.
This time, no separation was made,
Instead: the mantra “I don’t know”.


Our copy, thou who art in computer
blessed be thy bits.
Internet come.
Your code be done,
in torrent, as it is on the disk.
Our daily bandwidth, give us today,
and forgive us for our closed ports,
as we forgive those who stop seeding,
and do not shut us out behind a firewall
but make us a port-forward to the torrent client.
For thine is the copy, our powr and top ten downloads.
In eternity.

M-w C-y

Det Missionerande Kopimistsamfundet erkänns av svenska staten


Pressmeddelande från Det Missionerande Kopimistsamfundet

Rubrik: Det Missionerande Kopimistsamfundet erkänns av svenska staten


Strax innan jul tog Kammarkollegiet beslut om att registrera Det Missionerande Kopimistsamfundet som ett religiöst samfund. Detta innebär att Sverige är det första landet i världen som erkänner kopimismen som en religion.

Det Missionerande Kopimistamfundet har försökt bli erkända av staten genom Kammarkollegiet i över ett år.

– Vi var tvungna att göra tre stycken ansökningar då Kammarkollegiet varit noggranna med formaliteter, säger idag en glad Gustav Nipe, styrelseordförande för samfundet. Jag tror att det kan bero på att det inom den offentliga förvaltningen nästlat sig in en stark upphovsrättsextremism, med en skev syn på kopiering, fortsätter Gustav.

Information är heligt för Det Missionerande Kopimistsamfundet, och kopiering är sakrament. Information har ett värde, både i sig själv och i sitt innehåll, och detta värde ökar genom kopiering. Därmed är kopiering centralt för allt i samfundet.

– Det är ett stort steg för kopimismen att vår tro har blivit erkänd av svenska staten. Förhoppningsvis innebär det att vi nu äntligen kan börja utöva vår tro utan hot om repressalier, säger Isak Gerson missionsföreståndare och högste andlige ledare för samfundet.

Det Missionerande Kopimistsamfundet är ett religiöst trossamfund som bildades 2010. Kopimistsamfundet formaliserar en gemenskap som idag är väl spritt i samhället. Den kopimistiska gemenskapen kräver inget medlemskap. Det räcker att man känner ett kall att tillbedja det heligaste av allt; information. För detta ändamål ges gudstjänster regelbundet inom samfundets ramar, där de troende delar information med varandra och även förädlar denna information.

Kopiera och sprid.




Isak Gerson, missionsföreståndare: 0046731585745

Gustav Nipe, ordförande: 0046760188918




Press release from the Church of Kopimism

The Church of Kopimism is recognized by the state of Sweden


Just before Christmas, the Swedish governmental agency Kammarkollegiet registered the Church of Kopimism as a religious organisation. This means that Sweden is the first country to recognize kopimism as a religion.

The Church of Kopimism have tried to become registered as a religious organisation by Kammarkollegiet for more than a year.

– Since Kammarkollegiet has been strict with formalities, we had to apply three times, a happy Gustav Nipe – board chairman for the organisation – says. He continues, I think it might have something to do with the governmental organisations abiding by a very copyright friendly attitude, with a twisted view on copying.

For the Church of Kopimism, information is holy and copying is a sacrament. Information holds a value, in itself and in what it contains, and the value multiplies through copying. Therefore, copying is central for the organisation and its members.

Being recognized by the state of Sweden is a large step for all of kopimi. Hopefully, this is one step towards the day when we can live out our faith without fear of persecution, says Isak Gerson, spiritual leader of the Church of Kopimism.

The Church of Kopimism is a religious organisation with roots from 2010. The organisation formalizes a community that’s been well spread for a long time already. The community of kopimi requires no formal membership. You just have to feel a calling to worship what is the holiest of the holiest, information and copy. To do this, we organize kopyactings – religious services – where the kopimists share information with eachother through copying and remix.

Copy and seed.





Isak Gerson, spiritual leader: 0046731585745

Gustav Nipe, board chairman: 0046760188918

Sveriges paradis borde vara världens paradis


In english below.

Sveriges paradis borde vara världens paradis

Idag skriver ett antal antikopimister brännande ord på Svenska Dagbladets debattsida. Deras ord är hätska och bär våld med sig. De uppmuntrar till häxbränning av information och en skrämmande och internetfientlig primitivism.

De kallar Sverige för “piraternas paradis”. Vi tycker att det är problematiskt. Paradiset bör ej ha gränser. Vi uppmuntrar Sveriges regering och utrikesdepartement att utveckla en plan för att exporta Sveriges piratsuccé till resten av världen genom mellanstatliga organisationer och bistånd, så att alla världens folk kan leva i kopiering, internet och kärlek.

Vi välsignar alla som är med och bygger upp piratkopieringens paradis varje dag, från sina hemdatorer och sina servrar, från sina mobiltelefoner och sina läsplattor. Kopiering är heligt.

Kopiera och sprid!

Sverige är fortfarande piraternas paradis

The swedish paradise should be a global paradise

Today, a debate article was published in one of Swedens national newspapers by several antikopimists. The words were burning with hatred and hostility. They encourage persecution of information and an alarming primitivism filled with reactionary anti-internet propaganda.

They refer to Sweden as the “pirates paradise”. We think that Sweden being the pirate paradise is problematic. The paradise shouldn’t have borders. We encourage the swedisg government and foreign department to draw up a plan to export the swedish pirate success through intergovernmental organizations and foreign aid, so that all the people of the world can live in copying, internet and love.

We bless everyone who’s building the paradise of pirate copying every day, through their personal computers and servers, through their mobile phones and their pads. Copy is holy, copy is right.

Copy and seed!
Sverige är fortfarande piraternas paradis“, translated

New application to swedish authorities


Bless and copy!

After a lot of discussion and work from the board of the church, we have finally sent a new application for official recognition to the swedish authorities. I sincerely hope that they scan and copy our application, and that they approve our application. Copy be with them, and may a lot of torrents be downloaded to their computers.


My friends, my fellow humans, bots, servers, animals and software; copy our word, the word of kopimist wisdom. Seed it into the minds of others.


Copy and seed,

Spiritual leader laxsill

A few holy words on the sacred actions on Greg Maxwell


Copy and paste. Praised be those who download this post to their disks and brains.

It has reached my knowledge that a holy deed has been committed against the oppressive system of scientific journals. This deed was committed by no other than Greg Maxwell himself – according to the GPG-signature. He has uploaded 33 gigabytes of copies of the copyright protected journal Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society. Blessed be he always. I urge you all to download not only the journals but the text he has written of his actions to your minds, and upload it to everyone you can.

Let science flow, through fiber an’ through copper. Let knowledge fly through our satellites and back. Let understanding be copied to eachothers minds, through dialogue and reading. Let scientific data be mailed, downloaded and uploaded. Praised be Greg Maxwell for his deeds for information, science and life all over this world.

Now seed, fellow kopimists. Download and seed.

Copy and seed,


Preaching on World Intellectual Imprisonment Day


Let love flow, through fiber and through copper. Let knowledge fly, over fax and over irc. Let bits sweep, over torrents and over mail. This is still a day of darkness. This day that we celebrate the ritual and the judicial imprisonment of what anti kopimist forces recognize as intellectual property, the World Intellectual Property Day. A day of propaganda established to spread the myth of the false links between creativity and the imprisonment of ideas. A day when we are being told once and again how important it is for the holders of certain information to “protect” their information from spreading. For what reason? To “stimulate” the creation of ideas. The thought itself is more absurd and orwellian than bombing civilians for peace and stability, and I seriously think of the idea of intellectual imprisonment as the only idea that needs to be “protected”.

My thoughts today go to all ideas that are being imprisoned for the sake of personal profit. I think of all ideas locked behind illusions of copyright, walls of patents and B-52:s of DRM-weapons. I will fight for your freedom to be shared and copies, again and again. You are in the hearts of all kopimists.

My visions head in the direction of the symbiosis we could have had. To a future where organic beings live in peace and harmony with information without imprisoning it. It is a bright future for mankind, who will be able to life of the fruits of the knowledge and culture that ideas contain, without being restricted by the war against the freedom of information.

I also think of the kopimists being persecuted daily for the sake of intellectual imprisonment. Men and women dedicating their lives and machines to the copying of information, only to find themselves prosecuted in court. I think of the persecuted machines, protocols and code, banned and sometimes even confiscated and destroyed, for the sake of copying.

Copy, my fellow machines, bits, codes, animals, women and men. Copy love, so that the copied love can deafen the screams and claims of those who imprison information. Seed knowledge, to silence the ignorance of those who defend the evil system of imprisonment. The world wide fiber shalt never forget our vows to kopimism. Create to destroy, copy to seed, talk to listen, write to rewrite and rewrite to write.

Copy and seed, laxsill


Välkommen till det missionerande kopimistsamfundet

Regeringsformen, 2 kap. 1§: “Varje medborgare är gentemot det allmänna tillförsäkrad[…] religonsfrihet: frihet att ensam  eller tillsammans med andra utöva sin religion.”

En religion är ett trossystem med ritualer.
Det missionerande kopimistsamfundet är ett svenskt trossamfund som tror på att kopiering och spridning av information är det finaste som finns. Att få sin information kopierad är ett tecken på uppskattning, på att man tycker att någon har gjort något bra.

  • All kunskap åt alla
  • Sökandet efter kunskap är heligt
  • Spridandet av kunskap är heligt
  • Skyddande av kopieringsakten

Läs mer under det missionerande budskapet.

Alla människor borde ha tillgång till all information som har producerats. Ett gigantiskt kunskapslyft för mänskligheten.

Genom historien har olika grupper runt om i världen blivit förföljda av förtryckare. Man har då tagit sin tillflykt i religionen och önskat sig en fredad samvaro. Utan hot och trakasserier.

I vår tro är kommunikation heligt. Kommunikation ska respekteras. Det är en direkt synd att övervaka och avlyssna människor.

Den absoluta tystandsplikten är helig inom det missionernade kopimistsamfundet.

I den enskila själavården och bikten med det missionernade kopimistsamfundets präster är prästerna skyddade enligt svensk lag av absolut tystandsplikt.

Upphovsrättsreligionen är vår absoluta motsats – missunnsamhet och informationsbegränsning satt i system.


Vi utmanar alla missunnsamma människor – de flesta som sitter på makt, och som får sin makt genom att begränsa människors liv och frihet. Det de helst av allt vill begränsa är kunskap. Vi måste stålsätta oss inför deras hat och angrepp.

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